Sourcing Principles

At Some Design Store, authenticity isn't just a word – it's a value that guides everything we do. We're dedicated to sourcing products in a way that's genuine, responsible, and true to our principles. Here's how we bring authenticity to the forefront:

1. Honest Origins: We believe in being transparent about where our products come from. When you choose something from Some Design Store, you're getting an authentic piece with a real story behind it.

2. Quality with Integrity: Our products are sourced from artisans and creators who uphold high standards of craftsmanship and integrity. Every creation you find here is a result of genuine passion and skill.

3. Real Sustainability: We prioritise materials that have a positive impact on the environment. From sustainable resources to eco-friendly practices, our focus is on products that authentically care for our planet.

4. Empowering Artistry: Our products come from talented individuals and communities. By supporting them, we're fostering genuine empowerment and celebrating authentic cultural heritage.

5. People First: Authenticity means putting people's well-being first. We stand behind products that are made with respect for workers' rights, ensuring an authentic commitment to fair labor.

6. Ever-Evolving: We're committed to consistently improving our sourcing practices. Authenticity means being open to change and growth, always striving for a more authentic experience for you.


The Some Design Store Team