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From Some Design Store's Perspective:

Introducing Ursula Futura, a visionary design studio and an exclusive glassware brand that captivates us with the dynamic essence of its alter ego – the fluid and ever-changing nature of glass. At Some Design Store, we are enchanted by Ursula Futura's experimental approach, transforming abstract observations into functional art pieces that redefine the boundaries of design.

Drawing inspiration from the realms of nature, science, and moments of wonder, Ursula Futura, under the creative guidance of Kathrin Zelger, crafts playful and fantastical creations. Embracing the challenge of expressing emotions through objects, her designs are a celebration that aims to evoke smiles, spread joy, and ignite curiosity.

Ursula Futura's passion lies in the exploration of glass, a magical material with water-like properties, fragility, and simultaneous strength. At Some Design Store, we appreciate how Ursula Futura places this mesmerising material at the heart of her design practice. The production process is a testament to spontaneity and close collaboration with skilled glass artisans, resulting in unique and compelling creations that resonate with the spirit of our store.