• Cilindro Extra Light Water Glass (Set of 4) | Yellow
  • Cilindro Extra Light Water Glass (Set of 4) | Yellow

    Cilindro Extra Light Water Glass (Set of 4) | Yellow

    Ichendorf Milano

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    Elevate your hydration experience with the minimalist elegance of Ichendorf Milano's Cilindro Extra Light Water Glasses. This set of four glasses, designed by the acclaimed Marco Sironi, embodies a fusion of modern design and timeless craftsmanship.

    Crafted from high-quality borosilicate glass, these glasses boast exceptional clarity and durability, allowing you to fully appreciate the beauty of your beverage. Their sleek, cylindrical silhouette and extremely light weight offer a contemporary aesthetic that complements any table setting.

    Key features:

    • Set of four yellow water glasses
    • Designed by Marco Sironi
    • Hand-made and flame-worked borosilicate glass
    • Lightweight and transparent design
    • Dishwasher safe at low temperatures (40°C recommended)
    • Capacity: 430 ml (approximately 14.55 oz)
    • Dimensions: 7.8 cm diameter, 9.3 cm height

    Marco Sironi:

    Marco Sironi, born in 1957, brings a wealth of experience to his design work. From architecture and yacht design to glassware and furnishings, his passion lies in the skillful balance of technical expertise and artistic expression. He believes every object, regardless of size, should embody a harmonious relationship between form, function, and the materials used in its creation.